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New Business Case Page and May Update

Hello out there!

May is here and with that brings a number of new updates to our website and content creation. The big thing I want to announce is we have a new Business Case page where we outline our business model and how we plan to grow and make it! To build trust you must be transparent and so want to share our model to make that positive change happen!

The other big announcement was that we submitted an application into the Ray of Hope biomimicry design challenge. We will find out in two months if we get to the next round where we would get support, connections, and chance to win the year's $50,000 grand prize. A teaser of one of our next pages in the works is going over our Ray of Hope application and sharing the biomimicry background that goes into our companies structure.

Content Update:

Organizing content creation and than editing and break down into shorts and clips is time consuming yet fun and creative. We are developing a plan to track how things are going on our different platforms and to consistently build out our capacity to make content. As we grow we will be looking for editors and producers to help grow our engine

Database Updates:

We are figuring out how to stream line updates to our database pages and block off the hour or so to research and add to what we have. I believe at a point where I can add two a week to the communities page, and 3 links to the media page.

Final Thoughts:

As we showcase our vision and business model for positive change we step into a new phase of getting the gears going. Early on we can use fundraising to set ourselves up for sustained and abundant growth and determining how much our plan resonates with people. This will likely be my primary focus for between now and next months update so can update you on progress!

With Inspiration, Braeden Miguel

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