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 Book Hours, Contact, and Collaborate 

Want to work together?

We offer an amount of consultation hours each month based on bookings with people and groups.


Being an activist in the Colorado area for nearly a decade has led to developing organizer skills and the meeting of many cool artists, organizers, designers, and leaders!  With that network I have the ability to pull in others and bring additional support and infrastructure to an idea or project.


I have also developed background and capacity across a connected system of topics. Environment to education. Politics to irrigation. Event planning, research, and product/media innovation. 


Let us know if you are in for collaboration! We like to plan at least 1 month prior and take offers broadly. We bring on collaboration based off of alignment with our mission, ability to meet project needs/schedule, and excitement from our team members. 

Reach out with offer and/or for talk on what you would like to do together or get feedback on!  

Team Meeting

Mission: Organize mass movement of people and organizations towards a renaissance of unity, innovative smart change, and heart centeredness that embodies and creates justice, abundance, wellness, and unlocked potential for the world and seven generations + .

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