Community Driven Group is a social impact organization with the goal of bringing people together around the brightest leaders, communities, ideas, and solutions for positive impact, growth, and experiences!


People that want to create a better future through learning, imagination, and passion come join and get involved with the Community Driven Movement! Together with field experts, skill builders, and local leaders we can help lead towards the future we believe is possible!


Learning about environmental studies and the state of our planet led me to desire growth and perspective as a way to come up and figure out my unique spot in all of this. That growth led to learning about many things from education frameworks, storytelling, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Eventually politics rose up to me as one the biggest levers for change, and thus positive change, that exists. Many of the ideas, projects, communities, and work that Community Driven Group does thus tie into politics, policy, and the organizing of people to create and be inspired by the best positive paths forward.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

Our Mission

Organize mass movement of people and organizations towards a renaissance of unity, innovative smart change, and heart centeredness that embodies and creates justice, abundance, wellness, and unlocked potential for the world and seven generations + .

Election Day

Our Vision

This year we are engaging people and voices of all ages to get involved, support, and participate in the policy and political space! This does not have to be hard or painful though! We want to put together multiple events, discussions, and activation's that are fun, engaging, and open to input from our viewers! Follow the link below to support our push to do that work this year!

Thank you for all support and good vibes