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The People's Champion

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A Trading Card Game To Help Learn Systems Change

The political system is COM-PLI-CATED and yet it is connected so much to what is possible in the world around us. Working to break down barriers to our system we created a Trading Card Game where resources, leaders, and actions play into creating policy change.


Additionally to learning about government our game engages the creative problem solving skills of those playing! With over 100 cards it will be up to you to decide what strategy will help you become “The People’s Champion”

See Our Launch Trailer Here!


Project Background

Community Driven Group is a social impact organization with the goal of bringing people together around the brightest leaders, communities, ideas, and solutions for positive impact, growth, and experiences!


This card game was designed to create an effective tool for helping discuss and teach principles of policy design, politics, and local government structures. For example the 4 main resources you use in the game are creativity, capital, goodwill, and influence - all four are things that help move forward local change! 

This game has a Colorado focus but the concepts can be applied to other States and Democracies. In my initial prototype and design I have been using my photography, AI images, and sometimes a mix as I run a photo of mine through a AI prompt. In the final production we plan to work with multiple artists to create the final art for cards and decks! 

Not Just A Game Though

Developed with the launch of the game will be physical and digital booklets on different educational activities, game types, and discussion about the inspiration of the cards.

Helpful Across People And Ages!

For multiple levels of interest, play, and exploration. Wanting to learn and explore conversations of positive change and our system is a universally helpful skill!

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Crowdfund And Game Details

We have broken down the remaining needs to finish the design, education guides, and art to be printed. A third of our initial goal is set to bring in and support a diversity of artists. With the remaining going to educators , document designers, editors, outreach, printing, assembly, and production of The People’s Champion!

In a crowdfund campaign you pledge towards a product and when the project meets its goal than the funds are exchanged. In our crowd fund you choose different amounts of cards, art, and resources that you want! It is our goal to begin shipping in November with all pledges going into the December Holidays.


Trading Card Game For Good (1080 x 1600 px).png
Trading Card Game For Good (1080 x 1600 px) (1).png

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance." — Alan Watts

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