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Business Case

Community Driven Group from the get go was built with transparency in mind. From our goals, to the content, and to the business model and structure. We want to showcase our designs and model for positive impact because we think that it stands up as being stronger the more people are able to get involved, know about it, and can get invested into it. 

Many aspects of our system are undergoing transformation and at same time the newer generations who grew up with technology are now finding themselves as the largest generation. As a company with values rooted in smart proactive change and justice we want to lean into that change to help navigate our local communities, our state, and eventually the country and world towards a brighter future.

The details below are for those interested in our current ongoing investment round or generally curious on how we aim to build our business model to have the impact we want to have. 



Community Presence, Content, and Events Generate Local Goodwill 

Across different mediums we build connections, relationships, and goodwill with our target audience of positive impact leaders, organizations, and everyday concerned people.

Through attending events, meeting leaders, creating content, collaborations, and more we grow our reach and brand. In that structure we add in low cost bonus content, exclusive events, impact orientated courses, and other ways everyday people and orgs can support our reach, growth, and impact! 


We have a number of larger impact ideas, opportunities, and event types but it is important that we begin with a solid foundation before we can seriously look at moving mountains together.


Invest In People And Partnerships

Essentially that is the core of a business right? Are the people supported in their roles and is it aligned with what helps the company be successful and move towards its goals.


Part of why we are raising money right now is so that we are in line with this principle and the projects we want to next produce and bring together. From short courses and presentations on important topics we want to support collaborations with others and aspects of the planning and production that can go in to the process.


Through equity, profit sharing, and fund allocation we aim to offer a fair model that helps us bring in and support creators and leaders in the space.

Working Together on Project
Leadership Presentation


2023 Pledge Projects:

As we get going we may not be able to get large sponsors but we can look to our community to share what they want to see and make pledges of support. Explore our 2023 pledge projects here!

Brand Growth and Reach Attracts Sponsorships

This one is more straight forward and is an engine that also grows as you do, though so will its management needs.


As our content and events begin to reach people consistently, in the hundreds, to the thousands, we will be able to partner with groups and businesses with good intentions and shared values. Our initial focus being Colorado we think partnerships with local business and organizations will become possible even in early stages of growth!


By the Numbers

Streaming, content creation, and podcasts have become large industries in record time. It has allowed individuals and small groups of people to have more reach and build community around many types of things. Some content creators are getting more views than prime time tv and donation streams are some of the most watched yearly events, bringing together millions of dollars with their voices and influence. 

It is hard to calculate when exactly you will have those breakthrough moments; when a video breaks through your past record by 10 or 100 times. When a course is picked up by an organization or in a city. When an event fundraiser or partnership takes off and is covered by other groups.


What we can see though is that there is a formula to it and if you are putting energy into bringing value to an audience than it is a matter of skill, message fit, and timing. I have been listening for a long time and what people want is for things to be less stressful, less divisive, and the system to make more sense.


We have a number of ideas to get into the nuances from there and bring people centered innovation forward but this is how we start. We do it in a regenerative, just, transparent, AND profitable way. Consider investing in CDG now to get a percentage of future dividends and growth!


Market Research:

A  comparison we will start by looking at is, Wine About It. Wine About It is a 2 person podcast around humor, animal conservation, getting by as content creators, and wine. 

The channel has 113k subscribers, 5800 people donating 5$ a month or more for extra content, and has grown 10x in ten months with weekly videos now getting 100-300 thousand views a month. Essentially two funny lasses and some editors with time in the industry, putting together things being themselves, with a friend, and now just one of their shows brings in over $40,000 a month directly to them - which they can use to work and employ more positive impact where they can.  

There are definitely some large players in online positive impact and news; you have Hasan Piker, Mr. Beast, Philip Defranco. While mirroring the strategies and advice of others doing well we can find our place in the conversation and landscape. 

If interested in supporting us as an investor you can check out our Investment Gofundme page. Dollars given now help support us during our early journey with rewards of future dividends planned for later stages as we grow. 

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