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Community Driven Spring Update

Updated: May 8

Hello Allies and Friends!

Here we are in May and Spring and wanted to share some exciting updates!

The biggest thing of note is our upcoming card game “The People’s Champion” that helps bring together education and play when it comes to how our political system works! 

Cooking Up A Card Game For Positive Impact

Welcome to the new card game The People’s Champion where you bring together leaders and resources to pass policy and be a local change-maker. Different unique decks and strategies allow for different ways to play the game and explore how our system works. 

We are soon launching the crowdfunding page for the card game with the goal of getting the card game produced and to backers before the end of year holidays!

Look Here For Our Card Game Teaser Video with lots more information coming soon!

Policy Angles Update And Youtube

In the last few months it has become apparent how much goes into the production of a live streamed show around policy and politics. From research, to stream engineering, to promotion, to being a host, and editing the videos - I was really taking on many roles! As an entrepreneur I am used to wearing multiple hats but when you also work a service job and volunteer with activist organizations than something has to give. 

For me the past two months the thing that was put on the backburner was video editing. Now that the session is over I can work on editing some of my favorite livestream moments and work towards a better balance with all the learning so far this year!

We also have a new Peace Talks video and working to get more videos out around our card game! With our shorter videos we have gotten to the skill level where can usually make and post a short across platforms in under an hour. Creating and editing the longer videos we turn into shorts is often the larger bottleneck and time into looking for those good clips to highlight. 

We just passed the 100 video mark the other day and excited that the channel is getting traction! If you, or someone you know, are interested in learning editing and video channel growth please reach out to We are looking into bringing together people over the summer to learn more and work together!!

Life Update - Fundraising For General Fund

I recently have left a food service job and making career transitions to make Community Driven my full time focus for positive change. With the card game we can bring in consistent income and with our channel we can reach more and more people! In the mean time while we get those going having a general fund for events, food, and growing our reach is incredibly helpful. If you are interested in investing into our general fund and growth you can check out our fundraising page! 

We also now offer business, campaign, and social organization consulting using our background experience and network of change-makers we know. If you are looking for more dedicated work or project help please check out our book hours page!


I look forward to reaching out and talking to many of you over as we launch into these upcoming projects! I hope your Spring is full of new energy, passion, and growth!

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