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Book Hours With Community Driven Solutions

We are now accepting offers and discussions for working together on positive impact campaigns and solutions! Looking ahead we want to better able to engage the hundreds of leaders in our state and provide mechanisms for connecting people with important work.

Our current team and network has expertise when it comes to digital media, photography, videography, event planning, fundraising, hybrid events, campaign strategy, policy design, inclusive organizing, racial justice, environmental justice, marketing, style/fashion, curriculum design, game development, organizational culture/climate, internet culture/climate, communication systems, data science, and more!

We like to plan ahead and balance schedules so reach out now if working on something high urgency or priority and we will do the best we can to accommodate!

To get a conversation going email  

We bring on collaboration based off of alignment with our mission(below), ability to meet project needs/schedule, and excitement from our team members.

You can learn more on our Book Hours page!

community driven group and logo in colors of the rainbow and non-binary spectrum

Mission: Organize mass movement of people and organizations towards a renaissance of unity, innovative smart change, and heart centeredness that embodies and creates justice, abundance, wellness, and unlocked potential for the world and seven generations + .

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