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2024 Community Driven Plan

Updated: Feb 3

Going into 2024 we have been setting strategic intentions on building out a long-term vision and a resilient vehicle for getting there that inspires and attracts people to it!

It is important that the next stage of Community Driven was focusing in on transformative and valuable things that create a strong foundation to build from. Which meant defining well the products and media that will allow us to build and so we developed our business model outline.

At the same time we have also developed our brand style and video channels through our website, social media pages, and 60+ videos to our Youtube channel! Our channel has covered topics of local pollution, technology innovation, stewardship of investments, getting involved in activism, breaking down government processes, and more!

With a strong plan and foundation we have decided to bring in community members and allies to raise $40,000 to support the development of the next steps to our ambitious plans! As a social-enterprise we can make this a positive opportunity for ownership and future dividends to donors of any size or amount. The monetary payoff of dividends will take years however can be an opportunity to be a seed that grows to be a fruitful tree.

Also importantly as a social enterprise it is our goal to have an immediate positive impact on the systems around us through the development and sharing of new educational materials, positive impact media, and activating local communities and partnerships!

Ultimately this is an activity of trust and opportunity. Do you also see the vision and think if built out could make waves of impact back?

You can invest yourself, give as gift to another, or as donation to marginalized communities!

Additionally we have a Work And Help Own Proposal for those who want to offer time as a form of donation! You can also consider sharing with someone you think might be interested or by interested in our online content! Every bit helps!

My promise is to do my best at shepherding this money, energy, love, and plan towards something that has measurable, trusted, and resilient voice and impact in the positive impact space, and here in Colorado! Find Braeden Miguel online for questions -

updated 12/28 with Work And Help Own Proposal

updated on 1/8 with video link to Business And Investment Overview

updated 1/30 and 2/3 with new language edits and links

Manifesting abundance, togetherness, and resilience

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