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Policy Angles - New Colorado Policy Livestream

Updated: Jan 29

Announcing our weekly live show around Colorado Policy and News!

Policy Angles, a community show with Braeden Miguel to break down barriers of engagement and information around policy change for the everyday Coloradan!

Friday's at 5:30 pm on Youtube!

You have an issue or bill you have been working on?? Send us information to our email for a chance to be highlighted or brought into the show!

Want to learn More About Our Liveshow? Click Here For Our Video Overview!

Full episodes available on our Youtube Live page with edited clips added to our page through the week!

We also plan to go live right before the main show on Facebook at 5pm announcing our topics for the evening! (and working to bring over Facebook friends to Youtube!)

Imagining a better future with safe climate, affordable housing, public transportation, and access to food, water, and everyday needs! (*opensource ai model using my own photo of rocky mountains as a base image)

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