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Denver and Colorado Visiting Guide

Hello people visiting Denver/Colorado or thinking about it this Summer!

Colorado Rocky Mountains at golden hour from a distance

May it be the Taylor Swift show, some time in nature, checking out the state, or visiting some friends here… these are just some things to know about when visiting!

Denver is the mile high city with most parts of the state that high or higher. The main thing to remember is drink some more water and take any alcohol drinking slower than normal. You may feel self get tired quicker if doing a lot but the big worries around altitude sickness like headaches, dizziness, migraines typically occur when dehydrated, doing a lot in the mountains the first few days visiting from lower elevation, and pushing your body without taking care.

The other thing to know is that the weather can change quickly. Due to the nature of our mountains it is hard to predict exactly how moisture and energy will spread out. It takes energy to get over the mountains so often rain and thunderstorms can happen and spread out quickly. If no clouds on radar things are more mellow but can help to keep an umbrella or one of those small rain coats handy.

Outside of that we are a relatively safe and friendly city. We have some amazing restaurants (including some of the best vegan food I have had), large parks like Wash Park and City Park (which is next to the Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science), many art museums/art gallery districts, and beautiful nature spots and look out points within an hour of the city!

Anything else…

  • If driving take it easy and safe. We share roads with bikes/scooters here, have pedestrian crossings, and some streets have these interesting lanes that after 6pm becomes parking so may throw you for a loop.

  • Many different communities putting on events through the city. From entrepreneur meetups, to queer markets, farmers markets, music showcases, and more! Take a look at what you might be interested in by looking through sites like Facebook, Eventbrite, our CD Colorado page, and more!

  • We get some amazing sunsets and if having the mountains off in the distance is new to you it can be worthwhile to find a spot and take it all in.

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