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Regenaissance: Art Inspiring a Regenerative Future

It has been on my mind for awhile that sustainability is not enough. If we sustain our current trajectory it still does not look good for people and the planet. What we need is feedback loops helping in a regenerative way. A way that gives back more positive change the more it is supported and allowed to thrive. I actually recently even explored regenerative design and agriculture in my recent post on how 6 billion dollars could be used to solve world hunger so when I saw this event called “Regenaissance: Art Inspiring a Regenerative Future” being held, I felt called to meet people and learn more.

Which was a great idea because I learned from, enjoyed, and got to network with some amazing artists, art, people, and presentations that I wouldn't have if I stayed comfortably at home. Which also means I get to share with my communities and you all 🙂 So where to start...

The event was held in Miami Tues, Wed, and a little bit Thurs going into December of 2021 as part of Miami's Art Basel week. A week of art galleries, parties, and events and this year, after a year off, tech and nft's are hot on peoples mind and attention. The event I went to is special in my mind because not only is art and tech a topic of interest - our collective impact and how we can work together to make positive eco and social change happen was at the center. An event beautifully and masterfully pulled off by organizers of Buckminster Fuller Institute, Future Cities, and Design Science Studio.

When I arrive to the venue it is an open part outdoor venue on a beautiful 70 degree day. Art is spread out across outdoors and indoors, some painters are set up, and a few active stages are hosting panels, presentations, and conversations. There is plenty of space to have casual conversation, take a moment, or bust out your laptop. Closer to the headliner speaker it filled up standing room with about 200 hundred people watching the main stage but most the day was about quarter to half that. What made things feel safer was that this event was requiring vaccine identification or recent negative test. I am not sure how much else of Miami is doing that but I did appreciate that.

And ya with most of the stage set I will go into sharing some of the art, learning, and take-aways I discovered as a part of going and talking with people! Enjoy!

Regenerative Ideas, Companies, and Projects

  • Good Sam - Regenerative Agriculture and Food

    • Biggest thing is soil health(soil will determine the amount of food we can produce and amount of carbon we can sink with plants) and the number one thing for soil is do not till.

    • We need to be doing… Create compost. Look at water holding in systems. Intercrop with symbiotic plants. And smart intergration of animals into system.

    • We may only have 16 good harvests left, what is our plan? And oil.. It will be all gone by 2052, why are we steamrolling through our resources and environment.

    • Is better agriculture path with regenerative ag -> Created by no brokers, at least 1% back into people and projects(create long term connections with producers), people planet and prosperity for all.

  • Full Cycle

    • Was at UN COP(council of presidents) environment events.

      • Countries made goals, may not be as progressive as people may want but we have measurements for next year to look at.

  • Coral Castles

  • Vincent Arena -Mapping collab and design. Wheel of co-creation. Trove.

  • Catalyst For Change - Regenerative Village Documentary CatalystForChange.PNG

  • SISU - NFT’s Climate Regeneration and Support of Frontline

    • Website , Twitter @Sisu_xyz

    • Sisu(unsure of origin as of now) can loosely be translated to inner strength. Principle of ok going down a dark unknown path because trust that light is to be found and created.

Learnings From Art

  • Ontological design - design of being. Every part of who you are has a level of design to it, to who you are. Education, spaces, experience are all crossroads of change. We are at unique point of zygyst(time of cultural change) and our stories and actions help shape which way culture and the planet go… so… think about design more :) :P

  • Didactic Shift- the moment a play or artist invites/brings you into their world to play, learn, and explore. Shift that occurs as let imagination and art take your attention. Often used to bring up a point or topic to explore from new angles and lenses. Didactic definition.

Tech and NFT

  • Never Forget This - NFT Film Series


    • Crowdsourcing Intro Clips

  • There were some inspired and great speakers on the topics of NFT, smart contracts, and other ways blockchain is being used. A big topic brought up too at most these panels was the amount of energy these forms of tech and blockchain (It is about .6% of worlds energy use by a 2021 study). Some like mentioned it and were working with people interested in creating a better model. This topic of energy is often one not engaged around blockchain and cryptocurrency. Also the space has a problem when it comes to gender and wealth inequalities - which was brought up a few times at this conference.

I am sure more will popup as I organize my pictures into a gallery post to share.

Overall it was an awesome event! I learned so much and even though I am posting this a few months after I am excited to both share and reach out to the people I met to keep these types of conversations, changemakers, and possibilities in my mind and community!


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