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Elon, With 40 Billion You Could Save Millions of Lives Through Regenerative Agriculture

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Hey-hey people and eventually Elon and some people close to him. Hey, thanks for being here - Like the headline says let us jump into this important topic! :)

I may be biased but I think world wide regenerative agriculture and saving of lives is way better and more inspiring place to get involved than a tech company and let me make that case!

Months back, when Elon was challenged to spend 6 billion to feed the world I got curious. I didn't know what plans others may have but could I ideate a plan to use 6 billion to solve world hunger? Over a week+ I spent time doing research and breaking it down - and while not immediately, 6 billion could set up agricultural centers across the world that over time would produce enough food, jobs, and growth to feed the world. Or in other words - Regeneration.

Seeing these recent headlines sparked in me a new energy to spread my article. If 6 billion could solve world hunger over 20 years how much quicker could you solve it with 40 billion.

If that resonates with you please consider helping us share and by tweeting at @ElonMusk so this is looked at on the stage of ideas with all this other talk of what to do with billions.

If you want to read the original research article you can find it here:

The quick summary though is... 6 billion is a lot of money and you could create a 100+ regenerative agricultural centers across the world with budgets of 50 million and that positive stimulus into green, food making, regenerative centers surplus and profit over time could go from feeding hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions over two decades.

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