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Future of Education - Why Education Needs To Change

Education has been a topic of interest and passion for me going all the way back to 3rd grade and having one of the best role models and teachers ever (shoutout to you Mr. Agasa)! As I progressed through school I had ups and downs. The awkwardness and lack of confidence of middle school. Finding community and new growth in High School through student government. College experience trying to find my spot all over again and watching how the model of education really seamed to be a roll of the dice.

Education, teachers, and new experiences can truly be unlocking experiences but overall is it really living up to what it can be? I know I was blessed but I have been reminded again and again how it is leaving students behind or selling a broken vision.

I have learned a lot about school both from within the structure, as a researcher and entrepreneur in the space, and just my curiosity and exploration of others experience going through it. The main conclusion that I have found is that our industrial era education model is failing more and more at preparing young people for the emotional, economic, and quickly changing reality of the world.

What do we do than? There are of course new models of schooling, innovators, and leaders in the space - but when more than 10 young people a day are taking their own lives and we get reports of record breaking anxiety, loneliness, stress, and feelings of unpreparedness at what point do we start to call things out as failing. And again - what do we do?

Well big problems are tackled little by little by collecting information, spreading awareness, raising up of new ideas, and bringing together a team of people who are willing to put in the energy to move things in the direction of positive change. To help in the movement of those ideals and direction we created a toolkit and hub to continue this discussion and share in resources in this area. At we are working to create that community and information hub to continue to bring energy and direction in this category and we hope that if this is a passion area for you too than you will join us!

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