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2023 Community Driven Update // Community Database Live!

Hello all!

We are in a new year, and with some chance to rest this Winter and put together a plan to move forward and continue to have the impact I want to have. Which is why we are back to Community Driven Group as a resource and place we want to build. We have many things in store but the focus for this post is on a feature I have wanted to build for a long time…

Continually through my years of activism, and even as running, I heard people remark on how they wish they knew what other changemakers were up too, see if groups are wanting to collaborate to see what can be built easier or bigger together, and wanting to make sure that they are not duplicating the efforts of others. We really had no one spot to look at to see what other positive impact leaders or groups were up to or interested in.

Hearing that so many times cemented that the first major website overhaul we wanted to make was a positive impact communities index. Our initial focus will be starting with Colorado and Denver groups and over time looking at including space and categories for others. With these pages we can build and maintain a database of groups, ways to find out more of them, and if they have a public calendar of events. As our database grows from now, to dozens, to hundreds we can add pages to help navigate the groups. If interested in seeing this page in action or submitting info you can at

We hope to help build up interactions and camaraderie between these communities over the year and continue to develop our pages, tools, content, and site in a way that brings value to our positive impact leaders and communities.

2023 will be a year of growth, creativity, and channeling resilience as we chart our path!

More on what 2023 looks like for us coming soon!

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