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Spooky Stories From The Future... Maybe

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

This month has a lot of energy and spirit as people get into sync with spooky month. Not wanting to let a chance go for positive impact and get ourselves into the month's spirit we decided to whip up a bit of a social media campaign and contest that we think may get the fear goosebumps really going "oh no". The topic of our series and contest???

"Spooky Stories From The Future.... Maybe"

November Update: I want to be open that I launched this and did not have the capacity or focus to give it the proper attention and get it out there. I think it is an awesome idea and so I keep it on my website as inspiration of wanting to do more art and impact contests and topics in the future. This attempt, as most things when rushed into a schedule, did not go the way I had imagined. You may now continue reading the original post :P

We are creating and asking creators to help create and share a story of something possibly out there that people should be scarred of, because it is out there as a possibility if we do not do something about it... Now that can take some turns and get pretty dark but our hope is that by expressing it we are activating each other into the movement that will help change things. That we are pushing people's perspectives and buttons now so that we can change things.

Scary stories can have all types of endings but a theme in a good one is that it keeps you thinking afterwards. What was the error in the plan? Did they actually end up victorious? Was what they were facing stoppable? Did it do a good job of bringing in the audience and scare them? Now in this short format you may feel limited but get creative and do your best to show us what is a scary story from the future... Maybe.

Contest Rules: Post Videos onto Tiktok with the Hashtag #SpookyStoriesMaybe and tag @CommunityDriven . Videos that follow these guidelines and posted by Oct 31st 2021 will be reviewed and rated for possible contest entry.

Contest Prize Categories: 50$ Prize Per Category

1) Hopeful Ending Prize - Before Your Spooky video ends bring it back to a hopeful conclusion. Leave the audience with a sense of possibility and empowerment.

2) BIPOC Stories Prize - BIPOC voices traditionally have a harder time breaking through to mainstream and being heard by a broader audience. It was important for us to specifically draw attention and reward voices from those categories.

3) Spookiest Story ... Maybe - What video gives us chills and our hair to stand up most? Get as spooky as you want with a possible future story we could face. No need to end positive here as you go to scare and move us!

There it is! Let the spookiness commence!!


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