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New Tool - Personal Check In Doc

Super excited to be sharing this with you all! This tool has been bringing me not just extra focus and momentum on productivity goals but health and wellness ones as well. To learn more about the story behind it, click here. To see the doc and learn more about how to use it stay on this page!

To use the doc and follow along click this link -> Check-in Public Template

Upon arriving at the link and it loading you will want to look towards the upper right to make a copy of this document for yourself! You will find this under File(in the upper right), Make a Copy.

You will now have a template all your own. Now while I have created numerous categories (each with their own color scheme lol) - you do not need to do the same. :) This is a document to help you make steady progress in key areas of your life. Want to switch networking to career or finance and create goals that move you closer to those areas, go for it! I believe for the most part my template goals are straightforward and I leave 3 pop up goals as spaces for me to tailor a day to priorities that come up!

I use points to score goals so that at the ends of weeks or months when I get there, I can check in and see from a more zoomed out approach my progress, momentum, and health of certain areas of my life. I will speak to scoring a bit below but the key part is finding goals you strive to have in a day and than creating a version of your template for each day(if you are so excited and interested) where you can monitor and build on your progress.

At the very bottom I leave space for journaling and celebrations. Sometimes the best place to start is with words to a page. I have also created this in a way that if I want to print it out I could do this without a screen. For example if I am taking a screen or internet break but still want to tune in and follow the progress of my day!

Additional Notes on Scoring:

In terms of scoring I do it roughly based off the difficulty or time of a given task. I mostly follow my gut. Sometimes for a perceived hard time goal it sort of comes down to a point per 5 mins so I can give a partial score. I do not follow this strictly though as I do not want my day to boil down to such a structure where I can not follow my own flow, interests, and intuition. I recommend just playing with things based on both importance, difficulty, and time and than setting the upper threshold of points towards a goal for a certain day. For example my meditation goal, if 20 mins means 4 points, and I do 30 Mins I track it as 6/4 points but I only bring 4 of those points to the overall wellness category. I hope that makes sense. For most part what I look for is a balance of where I am showing up and that each of my goals feels right in terms of its purpose and the way it reflects on the sheet!


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