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Groups and allies working to make a difference

This page is meant to bring together community and networking across positive impact organizations. Here groups and allies can share info while learning about and seeing the events of other groups. Come create and interact with local change makers!


 If interested in creating a positive impact community page to share more, click here!

Highlighted Communities

Women's Lobby of Colorado


350 Colorado Climate Organization

350 Colorado

Colorado Climate Justice Organizers and Leaders with Teams and Events Covering Colorado

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Community Driven Colorado

Highlighting, collaborating with, and creating tools for positive impact communities and leaders!

Colorado Working Families Party

Colorado Working Families Party

State affiliate of the Working Families Party, fighting for a brighter, more progressive future.

Climate Movement Co Social Organizing and Journalism

Climate Movement Co

Helping Coloradans on the front lines of the #climatecrisis fight for justice, be seen, and grow the movement

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