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Creative Strategies for Change

Creative Strategies for Change

Mobilizing Arts and Education for Social Change

We define social justice as both a process and a goal. Informed social change, with lasting effect requires substantial time and responsiveness. CSC programs work for change on a variety of levels. We believe that institutional, interpersonal, and internal change all require large scale ideological change, or cultural change for true lasting impact. This is one way the arts come into play. We work with communities, schools, organizations, and institutions, and our approach is community-based.

CSC is driven by a far reaching vision of thriving vibrant communities that are rich in arts, culturally responsive, socially just, and sustained by restorative systems. This overarching goal informs the core of CSC, our innovative model integrating the “CSC 3”: Social Justice Frameworks, Arts Engagement, and Restorative PracticesFor each of these areas are specific objectives that contribute to mobilizing the arts and education for social justice.

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