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Youth V Gov Releasing on Netflix!
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May 19, 2022
On April 29th, 2022, I volunteered with 350 Colorado to help with the screening of Youth V Gov. I had seen the movie previously, and the second time I watched I was still just as frustrating, and disheartening as the first time I watched this documentary. I could not believe that the government I thought was for the people, is for the fossil industry and big money regardless if they are republican or democrat. I found that our justice system is not fair and just and that they fear the government and will not side with the people even when the people are in the right. The movie moved me in ways I never thought I would be moved. I believe in these children and their cause and want to do all I can do to help them in their battle for a better planet for all. they have opened my eyes to just how wrong my and my mother's generation have been in helping to destroy our planet. The five words that come to me after I watched this movie are shame, anger, disheartened, proud, and Enlightened. Shame for what my and my mother's greneration have allowed happened. Anger towards our government for siding with the fossil fuel industry and hiding how bad the effects of fossil fuels were on our world from the people and not even acknowledging that these children have a right to a better environment in which to live. Disheartened because the government could have done something decades ago and still sided with the fossil fuel industry and is still siding with the fossil fuel industry, not even acknowledging that these children have a right to a better environment in which to live (yes I know this statement is in here twice because I am disheartened and angry on behalf of these young people). Proud because I am very proud that these young people are fighting for what is their right, I am proud of each and every one of the people who are helping and fighting for a better environment. Enlightened because now my eyes have been opened to what our government, the fossil fuel industry, and many other people have been hiding for decades. I can never unlearn what I have learned by watching this movie so I want to thank these brave, determined, courageous young people are doing and I truly hope that they keep striving to make their world better for generations to come. My favorite part of the movie is seeing just how determined these people are and seeing all those young people out in front of the courthouse giving their support to the 21 young people who are fighting for our planet and all that is upon it. I was impacted the most by the court system and how controlled they are by the government, they are afraid to stand up on the side of the people even though the people are in the right. To me, that is not blind justice in that they are NOT unbiased when it comes to "the people verse the government", in their eyes the government will always win. I think calling this a "movie" is detrimental to the cause as many people see "movies" as fictional or filled with actors playing a part NOT real life.😵 This is a documentary of 21 young people fighting for their right to a clean, healthy environment for themselves and future generations. It is loaded with truth and evidence that our government and the fossil fuel industry have been hiding from the people for decades and it proves that the government and the fossil fuel industry have not only been informed of the dangers but have ignored those warnings in favor of the money and power. The government does not run this country the fossil fuel industry does!!😡 I have since volunteered with 350 Colorado and doing what I can to help the cause for a better cleaner environment.


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