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Student Voices Contest For Douglas County Colorado

Updated: Oct 8

Community Driven is organizing an event series to help bring together student's to discuss and build ideas for positive change that they want to see!

We were working originally with a bigger vision of this event but have decided to focus in on the contest and getting the word out!

We have two deadlines that students can participate in and win. We have our first screening of submissions due on Saturday October 14th at 2pm where 75$ in prizes will be given. Than with additional Fall Break time ideas can be submitted again by October 20th at 5pm for an additional $150 in prizes.

What is in a submission? You need a video, slide deck, or paper that describes an idea for positive change you have for your school and/or the district. You must additionally include three values that you think the district should embody, strengthen, or have as a core principal. Prizes only eligible for Douglas County School District students or alumni.

To learn more about our full event overview you can check out these links:

- Event Overview And Students Portal

- Community Driven Code Of Conduct (In-person and online)

- Create A Positive Impact Brief Exercise

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